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Dose any one know if there has been any challenge stories for Hawaii five-0 using challenge lines?

"Book'em Danno"
"You need help I will pay for it"
"I'm touched." "Yea your touched"
"You've been around mcGarrett too long"
"Your right I don't like you"
Or even
"Choose your next words carefully" "both of you"

These lines would be used in a story. The lines could be said by anyone and used any way in the story. It can also be any length and rating the writer wanted. The only rules are
The lines can't change
And the have to be used in the story somewhere.
As far as the lines they would be from each episode of H50.


Hey everyone

I know its been along time since you have seen me on here. I'm sorry for that. However, if you would like to talk to me I am back to reading fanfiction. I'm not sure about writing anymore but, i do love to read it.

Right now I'm looking for any Good stories
Harm/Mac (JAG)
Gibbs/Abby (NCIS)
Gabriel/Riley (Intelligence)
Steve/Danno (the new H50)

Any stories would be a big help. I still LOVE NUMB3RS a lot and Bones is alright as well. But you know how it is. Thanks for the help guys!!!

PD 19/19

Family found

Story: PD

Beta: Myself

Disclaimer: Any and all Bones eps maybe talked about in this story! If you know it from the show it's not mine. Any and all things else is mine.

Summary: Parker is hiding from everyone. Where is he and why?

A/N: I'm sorry for the delay in this story. I have had a lot of changes in the last few years. We had a house fire and lost everything and are slowly replacing things. But here is the last chapter of this story.

Family FoundCollapse )


Found story

I have been looking for a great Hawaii Five-O story I read about Steve living during the Civil war. In it we get a bit about when he was Mick in (moonlight). It has a unique spin on things. Here is the link if anyone would like. It's on fanfiction.net


If it dose not work the story name and who wrote it are::
The Amaranthines by T'Key'la

Title: Just another day. Yea right.

Series: Hidden rooms

Rating: PG/K

Author: chymom

Beta: myself & auto correct

Word count:1,478 words.

Character: Danny (Danno), Steve, Kono,Chin, Grace, and a few sneaky old friends.

Disclaimer: Any thing relating to Hawaii five-0 is not mine. Everything else belongs to my imagination and heart.

Warning: This series will paint a few people from the show in a different light. So don't be surprised to see some familiar faces in unfamiliar places. This story talks about torture mentally and physically. If this could upset you please read something else.

Spoilers: Any episode of H50 could be talked about.

A/N: Challenge lines from the pilot.

"Thank you"

"Don't thank me yet"

Just another day. Yea right!Collapse )


Been a while

Hey guys sorry it's been so long lots going on. Now that things are trying to settle down I can finally get back into writing and reading. Right now I'm big into Hawaii 5-0. If anybody knows of where I can find any good Danny Steve stories? Or Danny Steven Grace stories? I like the team stories as well but for some reason the Danny Steve ones are picking my interest. I'm not a big Rachel fan I don't hate her I just don't particularly like her but any stories would be great thank you for your help!
Title: Missing
Series: PD 18/?
Disclamier: I don't own the people, places, or things you already know.
Rating: G
People: Booth, Bones, Rebecca, Cam, Jack, Angela, and a blast from the past.
Sumarry: Booths phone rings bring him the call no parent wants to hear. What is it? What appends after it? Please read to find out.

Title: MissingCollapse )


Title: Is it worth it?
Series: PD 17/?
Disclaimer: I don't own the people, places, or things you already know.
Summary: Booth and Bones have a long awaited time together.
Rating: T adult talk with in.
Beta: My iPad and I
People: Booth and Bones

Is it worth it?
Title: Is it worth it?Collapse )


Title: An agreement found
Series: PD 16/?
Disclaimer: I don't own the people, places, or things you already know.
Rating: PG
Beta: My iPad and I
Summary: Things are now changing for Booth. Are they good or bad changes? What's Parker think of Bones being home?
People: Parker, Booth, Rebecca, Sweets, and Oc
Title: An agreement foundCollapse )


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